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About Us


Utopia Coffee is one of the major coffee exporters that has built a good track record in Ethiopia and its majorly involved in the coffee export sector along with general export & import trading activities.

Our vibrant and enthusiastic team of well experienced professionals lead by our visionary Manager and arabica coffee expert keep our products at high standards while providing quality of service to you, our customer.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Commitment: We strictly work on the highest attention for quality and satisfaction of our clients by providing premium quality coffee beans.
  • On time Delivery: We always ship the coffee that our buyer’s has sampled and dedicated to our customers’ schedules and on timely bases of shipment.
  • Sustainability:We work in all our capacity to provide sustainable service and establish long term business relationship with our buyer’s.
  • Quality Control: We have a modern cupping laboratory equipped with the SCAA standard in Addis Ababa office and have a certified Q-Grader.

Business Philosophy

Our company strongly complies with strict adherence to the highest standards of quality, timely delivery, keeps a stock safely in its warehouses as per the Ethiopian Coffee & Tea Development and Marketing Authority regulations. To make sure buyers are confident with the products, our company keeps its priority for quality of its export products and in an independent quality control strives to meet buyer’s requirements.

As part of its expansion program, the company is also planning to engage in farming and working on the project to acquire a land for massive plantations of coffee for sustainable sourcing and supply for the potential clients worldwide.



Green coffee exports from Ethiopia has seen a growing demand from major importing countries such as USA, Europe, Japan, Korea and others. Through the recent meetings with our potential customers in the International coffee trade fairs & conferences, keen interest was observed from roasting and importing companies. Utopia Coffee targets to sustain the established business connections and partnerships with the potential coffee importers and roasters worldwide.

What makes the company unique is the regard its gives to the purity, quality, flavor of the coffees it exports, the satisfaction of every consumer any given cup and the reasonable price it offers differentiates it from other Ethiopian coffee exporters. The company is proud to offer its customers the full range of washed and sundried green Arabica coffees.


  • Conduct coffee business through provision of quality and steady hand on delivery in operating as a one stop green coffee exporting company by prioritizing the need of our customers.


  • To provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers.


  • Gives the highest regards to the Win-Win opportunities which benefit all the stakeholders in the coffee business. It has built a reputation based on fair price, high quality coffee and unbeatable service.